Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why Do You Need An Editor?

I know from personal experience that it is impossible to ready your manuscript for publication in a vacuum. These are your words, the product of your sweat, tears, carpals' tunnels, and occasionally blood.

But by the time you're ready to send them out into the world you've got them memorized. A second set of eyes is crucial to make sure your word-babies are in the best shape possible. 

It's also difficult to get objective feedback from people who are worried about your personal relationship, how their critique will be received, or that lack experience providing and receiving critique and editing help from a professional. For these and other reasons, a writer may seek professional editing assistance.

A new writer may choose to partner with an editor for guidance--to learn how to play to his natural strengths while fine tuning the skills in need of improvement.

A more experienced writer who is preparing to seek representation might seek an editor after working with critique partners and beta readers to get her manuscript in the absolute best shape possible before pitching it to agents.

A business writer preparing to submit grant proposals or other professional documents may need a second set of eyes to catch the mistakes we miss after revising the same proposal multiple times.

An author who has chosen to self-publish will want an editor to ensure that their manuscript is both marketable and shiny before putting their names and word-babies out in the critical world.

On this site you'll find the information you need to determine whether I am the right editor for you. And if you have questions, feel free to ask! I promise, I only bite if you use too many adverbs or the wrong "there."